Lyric Speaker Canvas


Jun 2018.

お気に入りのレコードのジャケットを飾るように。Lyric Speaker Canvasは歌詞を部屋に美しく飾るスピーカーです。壁に立てかけたかのような2枚のボード。前面のボードからは歌詞のモーショングラフィックが浮かび上がり、背面のボードからは美しいサウンドが響き渡ります。ふと目と耳にしたアーティストの言葉に背中を押されたり、何かを気づかされたり。そんな言葉からのインスピレーションを暮らしの中に。

Decorate your home with your favorite lyrics.
The Canvas model is informed by a design ethos that fits in with interior design trends. Canvas consists of two boards leaned against the wall, similarly to vinyl record jackets: the front board is the screen which displays the lyrics, located on the second board are the Hi-Fi audio speakers, sealing together to create a modern design feel. Designed as a high art concept which will decorate the home, Canvas allows listeners to live with their favourite lyrics like a painting on the wall. Providing constant inspiration and motivation through the power of words. Bringing lyrics and art together, coming to a home near you.