Black Box Ramen Shop

Nissin / Raoh Instant Noodle

Jul 2012.


Launch campaign for Nissin Raoh packaged noodles. In the lead-up to the product launch we opened a ramen shop where the prices and brand were a mystery. Customers were asked to pay what they felt the noodles were worth in terms of taste. The average price paid by the 2,046 people that took part was 545 yen. Considering it was a 100 yen product, this represents a massive addition of value.


Production : Niban Kobo + Spice Box / SCD+C : Akihiro Fukube (Hakuhodo) / CD+C+INTERACTIVE : Tsubasa Oyagi (SIX) / AD+D : Yusei Kakizaki (Hakuhodo) / EVENT : Ayumi Suzuki (Hakuhodo) / WEB DIR : Takanori Nishi(multiples) / DIR : Toru Morimoto (Robot) / PRODUCER : Hiroyuki Honma, Takayuki Sato (Nibankobo)