Hip Live

Levi's / CURVE ID

Jul 2010.

女性のヒップラインにフィットする新ライン「CURVE ID」の世界同時発売にあたり、日本発表向けにゲリラライブを敢行。その模様をムービーとしても一般公開。同時に、尻文字メールジェネレーターも制作した。

A guerilla live event in Japan in the lead-up to the simultaneous worldwide launch of Levi’s new Curve ID line, which clings to women’s hips. Video of the event was also released, as well as a “hip mail generator” in which models spelled out messages by wiggling their hips.


Creative Director:Nozoe Takeshi(SIX) / Interactive Director:Takayuki Hino(SIX) / Art Director:Kentaro Harano(Hakuhodo) / Producer:Yoshiteru Horie(PYRAMIDFILM) / Production Manager:Yuki YoshidaPYRAMIDFILM) / Film Director:Daisuke Shimada / Cinematography:Makoto Okuguchi / Choreography:MIKIKO