The suit case guitar


Mar 2012.

旅先での交流ことが旅行の醍醐味であるという「LIFE'S A JOENEY」というコピーを具現化するスーツケースギターを開発。旅先でどこでもスーツケースをギターに変形させ、音楽を通して交流することができる。

A suitcase guitar developed to give life to the catch copy “life’s a journey.” Interacting with others is one of the joys of travel. The suitcase guitar converts a suitcase into a guitar, promoting interaction with others on the road through music.


Creative Director : Takuro Enomoto(Hakuhodo)/Jin Saito(SIX) / Art Director:Takuro Enomoto(Hakuhodo) / Designer:Kei Kawabe(HAKUHODO) / Movie Director : Yohei Oguri(TFC) / Producer : Hiroyuki Inoue(TFC)