Think. Roppongi Hills

Mori Building / Roppongi Hills

Oct 2013.


A campaign planting "opportunities" in various places around the city, to let people imagine, think and challenge stereotypical thoughts. The sidewalks, flags, and cafés were filled with questions that raise people's awareness.


Exective Creative Director: Kazufumi Nagai (Hakuhodo Design) / Creative Director: Tsubasa Oyagi (SIX) / Art Director: Kazufumi Nagai (Hakuhodo Design) / Copywriter: Tsubasa Oyagi (SIX) / Designer: Reki Hashimoto (Hakuhodo Design) / Music Director: Koshi Miura (Kuchiroro) / Web Director: Haiji Haiiro (SIX) / Web Art Director: Ryoji Tanaka (Semitransparent Design) / Programmer: Yusuke Shibata (Semitransparent Design) / Programmer: Hirofumi Kaneko (Semitransparent Design) / Account Director: Makiko Chiba (Hakuhodo)